Outside Coming to Your TV in November

outsidemag3.jpgOutside‘s editor Christopher Keyes was nice enough to give us a tour of the magazine’s awesome office yesterday and submit to an interview for an upcoming So What Do You Do? article. While discussing the brand’s extension beyond print (editors love talking brand extension!) Keyes mentioned Outside‘s first foray into television:

“We’ve got our first TV production coming out on the Travel Channel in November, which we’re pretty excited about, and we’re looking to develop a lot more television programming.”

We, being dutiful media reporters, took the bait. Hey Chris, can you tell us more about Outside‘s next great adventure?

“We did a package of stories two time, two years in a row called ‘Unsolved Mysteries,’ which was just exploring mysterious things that had happened in the wild. The pilot is actually hosted by a former intern here who wrote the package, Tim Sohn. He and a producer flew to New Guinea to investigate the disappearance in 1961 of Michael Rockefeller, the son of Nelson Rockefeller, governor of New York. They just came back and Rockefeller disappeared while swimming from his boat which capsized to the island. That was the last he was seen. So one of the first things Tim had to do was recreate the swim, which had him swimming in shark-infested waters. It was pretty hilarious. He says the scariest thing for him was getting in front of the camera for the first time, not the sharks.”