Out of Office

How media mavens, tech gurus, and agency honchos are spending the summer

John Borthwick, CEO, betaworks
"Occasionally Shelter Island [N.Y.], but mostly in [New York’s] meatpacking district, doing what we do, which isn’t (normally) packing meat."

Dan Abrams, publisher/ABC legal analyst
"I rent a house in Southampton, which I will try to use at least every other weekend. . . . But most of my summer will be spent in an air-conditioned SoHo office."

Ben Silverman, founder/CEO, Electus
"I’ll be working my ass off . . . and helping get my home ready for our first baby as my wife is expecting."

Shane Smith, co-founder, Vice
"[I’ll be] flying to Cairo to meet with the Muslim Brotherhood and getting their blessing so I can then take a 13-hour car ride across the desert to sneak into Benghazi, Libya, where we are going to hang out by the sea getting brown and beautiful in the vain hope that Gaddafi falls while we’re there."

Fred Wilson, principal, Union Square Ventures
"I’ll be sweating, both literally and figuratively."

Miles Nadal, chairman/CEO, MDC Partners
"[I’m taking] a trip to the south of France, then a boat trip down Long Island Sound. In August, we’ll go to a cottage in Muskoka, Ontario. It’s a chance for me to spend time with my kids."

Adam Moss, editor-in-chief, New York magazine
"Heading up to the Cape, to Provincetown [Mass.], where I go every summer. Bike, mow a lawn, throw myself in the water—but mostly be as inactive/inert/horizontal as I can manage."

Richard Story, editor-in-chief, Departures
"Giving up Antibes, Porto Ercole and Butte, Mont., to do what I was put on Earth to do: take my 19-year-old son to college. In Oklahoma, no less!"

Michael Boodro, editor-in-chief, Elle Decor
"I’m heading off for a week in Scotland—and not because Marc Jacobs has taken to wearing kilts."

Craig E. Moffett, vp/senior analyst, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.
"Every moment humanly possible I’ll be happily ensconced in Water Mill [N.Y.] with my wife and children, enjoying time away from ringing phones and pinging emails."

Dan (Fake Steve Jobs) Lyons, Newsweek
"No big trip. I’ll do lots of camping and kayaking with the kids in New England."

Remy Stern, editor, Gawker
"I was hoping Tina would invite me to cruise with her in the Mediterranean aboard Barry’s giant ship. But, alas, I haven’t received the invite yet."

Paul Lavoie, chairman, Taxi
"I’m heading to a small French village to direct a short film I wrote."

Kara Swisher, co-executive editor, AllThingsD.com
"About to unplug for a week on a bike trip in Ireland with the kids."

Jack Shafer, writer, Slate
"Dental work is all I have in my schedule. Miles and miles of dental work."

Laura Desmond, CEO, Starcom MediaVest
"Spending time with friends and family in the Hamptons at the end of August, sailing, beaching it, learning how to make new cocktails, and making bonfires."

Stephen Friedman, president, MTV
"We’re going west, starting with Jackson Hole, Wyo.—a spectacular setting for hiking and kayaking. . . . We’ll also be spending time in Horton Bay, Mich., the summer hangout of a young Hemingway."

Kate White, editor-in-chief, Cosmopolitan
"I’m taking only a few days here and there this summer in order to save up time to go this winter to the house my husband and I bought in Uruguay. I just love it there."

Norman Lear, TV writer, producer, activist
"Writing my memoir."

Richard Rosenblatt, CEO, Demand Media
"Hanging out in L.A. with family and honing my paddle tennis game."

Andrew Benett, CEO, Arnold
"For the first time in a decade, I plan on taking two weeks off and leaving my BlackBerry to play with itself. . . . I’ll be at Cape Cod, lying by the pool and playing with my kids."

Trish Hall, op-ed editor, New York Times
"I’m going to be in the office, working on our new section, Sunday Review. But I’m also hoping to take a week or two at my house on Long Island. In the city, I’m a night person. But out there, I live for the morning. Before I’m even really awake, I go outside with my dog and start pulling weeds."

Bob Jeffrey, CEO, JWT
"My plan is simple. It involves never taking a plane. I go to Rhode Island [where I grew up] for a few weeks. I play tennis, swim, go boating—all the summer activities."

Fredrik Carlström, CEO/executive creative director, Great Works America
"Christina and I are taking a mini vacation in Rome over Fourth of July, then we will spend a few weeks in August at our house where we flee to most weekends. The house sits in the middle of a farm field close to the beach in Wainscott, N.Y. We go out there and just lounge around, swim in the ocean, eat with friends, read, sleep, and hang with our 19-month-old daughter Auden."

Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP Group
"I’ll be with my BlackBerry, to the delight of my wife and family."