Organize Receipts With Shoeboxed

Emptying out my wallet reveals the following contents: 1 debit card; 1 credit card; driver’s license; obligatory picture of my wife; five folded up receipts. No cash. Ever.

The problem is, folded up receipts don’t stop with my wallet. They’re everywhere! My pockets, my bureau, my car, etc. A team of Duke University grads wants to help me – and you – get organized.shoeboxedFounded in early 2007, Shoeboxed is a North Carolina-based company that bridges the gap between your real life and the online world. Using a system that’s similar to Netflix, you pack a postage-paid envelope with all of the receipts you’ve accumulated over the month. Whether they are from online transactions or in-person shopping, Shoeboxed will scan all of your receipts and then send them back.

The service costs around $80 a year and is designed to save your accountant time, help you remember items for tax write-off purposes and get a better understanding of where your money is being spent.

Shoeboxed hopes that the average Internet shopper, the mom and pop shop and the large company will utilize the Web app to organize receipts securely.

There is a community aspect to the site too, allowing users to share information about their purchases and spending habits.

If the paid mail service is not for you, the free portion of the site is powerful as well. Take a photo of your paper receipts and Shoeboxed will automatically organize them in a clean, tabular format. You can even give online stores your Shoeboxed e-mail address (created upon sign up) and the Web site will filter your receipt e-mails, classify them as receipts or spam messages, and organize them accordingly.

Now my wallet is really going to be empty. No cash and no receipts!