Organic Gardening Launches Digital Edition For The iPad

Organic Gardening has launched its own iPad application with the debut of its October/November digital issue, which is available for purchase for $3.99. The issue features a welcome video from Rodale CEO Maria Rodale and an excerpt from Hybrid, Noel Kingsbury’s book on the history of plant hybridization.

Organic Gardening is the first gardening magazine to enter the iPad market. Bonus content not found in the magazine’s print issue include photo galleries, recipes and how-to videos on gardening.

Ethne Clarke, the magazine’s editor in chief, describes Organic Gardening‘s goals for the app:

For 70 years, readers have turned to Organic Gardening as the leading media resource for ‘living lightly from the ground up™,’ as we consistently deliver the safest and most natural approach to creating a healthy lifestyle by beginning in the garden. Our entry into the iPad forum gives us another exciting way to connect with our readers as well as attracting a new audience from the next generation of gardeners.