O’Reilly Thinks Nick Denton Should Go to Jail, and Other Stories of New York Media Doing the MSM’s Job For Them

No one is safe! Threat Level, the new go-to for all hacker stories, is reporting that a hacker has claimed to have infiltrated Bill O’Reilly’s website and “purloined a list of subscribers to the site, which includes their names, e-mail addresses, city and state, and the password they use for their registration to the site.” This is apparently in retaliation for O’Reilly’s comments about the “despicable, slimy, scummy” website that posted (or, say, “repackaged“) the Sarah Palin emails — we are assuming he is referring to Gawker. During the same segment O’Reilly asks Townhall’s Amanda Carpenter why the Feds can’t just go to the guy’s house who runs it (or say to his big roof party the other night) and “put him in cuffs and take him down and book him?” Because if the government can’t protect the world, or a governor using a private email address to conduct government business, from Nick Denton’s Gawker we ought to just “pack it up.” Of course right this second the Feds may be too interested reliving the Great Depression to fast forward into a 2.0 version of McCarthy, but stay tuned!

Denton isn’t the only New York media type making the rounds of the worst person in the cable news world.

Last week Jezebel’s Jessica Grose was also called out on Fox by host Steve Doocy for her recent article on Sarah Palin entitled “Why Sarah Palin Incites Near-Violent Rage In Normally Reasonable Women.” Apparently her point of view “bugged” Doocy (video here), a fact which Grose says makes her mother proud.

And over at MSNBC, moral compass Keith Olbermann named the New York Observer‘s Felix Gillette the second worst person in the world for his article on NBC’s decision to remove Olbermann and Matthews from anchoring political events. We asked Gillette how it felt to be the recipient of such a inflated honor: “I was happy that Keith was doing his part to get my article more attention.” Video of the segment below.

The upside of all this is that it appears that the cablers are at least aware that the Google exists and are able to use it, which is apparently more than can be said for the Secret Service.