Oprah Follows Tom Cruise’s Telluride Lead

The addition of Colorado to Winfrey's real estate portfolio tracks back to the superstar actor.

MountainVillageWhen Oprah Winfrey interviewed Tom Cruise in 2011 in Telluride, Colo., she did her own version of jumping up and down on a couch.

“Oh, my God… I have never seen anything like this in my life,” she exclaimed to Cruise and Katie Holmes at the outset, after pulling up in front of the pair’s mountain home and taking in the stunning views. “I swear! I want to weep, it’s so beautiful.”

Once inside the home, with Holmes gone, Winfrey continued to gush, asking Cruise how he found his Telluride lair. “You know, I looked all over America,” the actor explained. “And then I just looked at this view.” Said Oprah: “I swear, driving up here, my heart started palpitating, and it wasn’t the altitude. I just go, ‘My god, this is beautiful!

In 2014, Oprah scooped up her own swath of Telluride land for $10.85 million, on which a house will be built. And this holiday season, she added a fully furnished nearby home for $14 million, which real estate observers are assuming will be her HQ when she is in town supervising construction on the 60-acre parcel.

Per a recent Variety report, the Telluride home features all sorts of unusual features:

Instead of a regular ol’ wine cellar like every other rich person has, the seller opted for a Disney-esque wine tunnel elaborately decked out like an authentic mining shaft complete with rugged wood beams, lantern light fixtures and a sound system that pipes in the sounds of creaking timber and dripping water.

A 45-foot bridge, installed with the help of a helicopter at a cost of $140,000, zigzags from the house, through the tree tops to an elevated terrace 35-feet above the ground while a mining tram-style funicular, installed at a cost of nearly a quarter million dollars, effortlessly ferries skiers down the steep slope behind the house to one of the many ski runs that crisscross the area.

Winfrey, whose 2011 Telluride show ended with a snowmobile ride with Cruise to a mountainside viewing perch where she gushed some more, purchased the Mountain Village-area home from tech entrepreneur Bob Wall. This is what a person who already has everything buys herself for Christmas.

P.S. Cruise is looking to currently sell his spectacular Telluride property. The asking price is $59 million.