Opera Finds Men Dominate the Mobile Web

In its latest State of the Mobile Web Report, Opera Software delved into the murky depths of who’s using the mobile Web. Turns out the waters are actually pretty clear – and oozing testosterone.

operamini_620.PNGThe May report found that overwhelming 88.1% of the folks who surf the mobile Web using the Opera Mini browser are male. Out of the 10 countries included in the survey, the biggest disparity is in India, where men account for more than 97% of the Web users. South Africa, where one out of four Opera Mini users is female, is closest to gender equality in mobile Web usage.

Other factoids from the report include:

* Most people using Opera Mini are between the ages of 18 and 27.
* More than 14.7 million people used the browser in May to view 2.9 billion pages.
* The number of active users has grown more than 23% since March.

The full report can be downloaded from Opera’s Web site.