Open Your Pocketbooks

Speaking of TimesSelect, former Slate-r Chris Suellentrop today has launched a new blog, “The Opinionator,” on the New York Times website.

“It’s on Times Select, so if you’ve been thinking, ‘Hey, those New York Times columnists are worth only $48.50 a year,’ I’m here to provide the extra $1.45 in annual value to meet your demand curve. If you’re already a Times or Times Select subscriber (all Times subscribers get Times Select for free), think of The Opinionator as the free shoephone that Sports Illustrated used to hand out with its paid subscriptions. It’s the “but-wait-there’s-more” product, the journalism equivalent of that special bonus CD of classic country duets that Time-Life gave you when you bought their ’70s funk anthology,” he wrote today.

Of course, for those of you who think that David Brooks isn’t worth a plug nickel, then you still need another $.05 to make TimeSelect worthwhile. Perhaps consider becoming a college student for that discount….