Open Road eBook ‘Gift’ Will Include Music, Graphics & Triggers

Open Road Integrated Media has signed a deal to publish a new interactive young adult eBook from author Andrea J. Buchanan that incorporates a number of multimedia capabilities. Titled, Gift, the new work of paranormal fiction from the author of The Daring Book For Girls has a soundtrack, videos, and even triggered events, aka sound effects that are triggered as the reader reaches certain points in the book.

There is also a graphics element, as one of the characters is making a graphic novel in the book. At the end, readers can access an extended version of the work at the end of the book.

Buchanan released this statement: “Gift is the perfect project for such an undertaking, as it is a ghost story for young-adult readers, the kind of supernatural story that is enjoyable as a traditional novel and yet brimming with potential for the deepening experience that enhanced content allows—content that exists to support a book and further the experience of reading it.”

The Gift is slated for a February 2012 release.