Open Graph, tabs, birthdays, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook apps by MAU

Open Graph apps, tabs and birthday calendar applications were popular on our list of apps growing by monthly active users this week. The titles on our list gained the most MAU of any apps on the platform, growing from between 500,000 and 4.5 million MAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

1.  Static HTML: iframe tabs67,900,000+4,500,000+ 7%
2.  Static Iframe Tab33,700,000+4,000,000+ 13%
3.  MyCalendar – Birthdays22,200,000+3,200,000+ 17%
4.  Hidden Chronicles4,300,000+3,000,000+ 231%
5.  MiCalendario – Cumpleaños10,500,000+2,600,000+ 33%
6.  Yahoo!12,900,000+1,100,000+ 9%
7.  Woobox Custom Tab : Arrow Icon3,900,000+1,000,000+ 34%
8.  TripAdvisor™14,700,000+900,000+ 7%
9.  Scramble with Friends1,100,000+850,000+ 340%
10.  Scribd11,100,000+800,000+ 9%
11.  Texas HoldEm Poker30,800,000+800,000+ 3%
12.  Words With Friends17,900,000+800,000+ 5%
13.  Washington Post Social Reader5,800,000+700,000+ 14%
14.  BandRx8,000,000+600,000+ 8%
15.  My Calendar2,200,000+600,000+ 38%
16.  Pinterest6,600,000+600,000+ 10%
17.  Bubble Witch Saga11,700,000+500,000+ 4%
18.  Invite Your Friends Button for Pages1,900,000+500,000+ 36%
19.  MeinKalender – Geburtstag3,700,000+500,000+ 16%
20.  MonCalendrier – Anniversaires3,200,000+500,000+ 19%

Web integrations YahooTripAdvisor™,  Scribd and Pinterest grew significantly this week. Pinterest, an online bulletin board site, seems to have benefited from its new Timeline app that shares users’ activity on Facebook. TripAdvisor also added Timeline functionality. Another Open Graph app, Washington Post Social Reader grew in part by actively inviting users to invite friends to the app.

Page tab apps continue to be among the top growing Facebook applications. Topping our list was Static HTML: iframe tabs with 4.5 million new MAU, followed by Static Iframe Tab and Woobox Custom Tab : Arrow Icon. Musician app BandRx and Invite Your Friends Button for Pages also made the list. This latter app asks page admins to install it as their default tab to encourage others to invite friends to Like the page.

Birthday calendars in several languages, which purport to allow users to create a customized birthday calendar with friends’ birthdays, but require users to invite all their friends to use the app, are still growing rapidly. They included: MyCalendar – BirthdaysMiCalendario – CumpleañosMy CalendarMeinKalender – Geburtstag and MonCalendrier – Anniversaires.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top weekly gainers by daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.