Only in Hollywood can news this devoid of meaning kill this many trees

Variety reports what could be a real Zen meditation tool: If someone gets promoted, but still has exactly the same job and boss, did the promotion really occur? searchlight.jpg

This actually led Daily Variety today and yet it means, as near as I can figure, only that both Steve Gilula and Nancy Utley each got a raise. And new business cards.

But “Steve and Nancy get raises; new business cards” isn’t really a snazzy headline.

The story does at least, highlight, something that drives me to drink: The promulgation of president titles that mean absolutely nothing in Hollywood. Keeping in mind that Steve was president of distribution, and Nancy was president of marketing, “continuing to report to prexy Peter Rice.”

Continuing. As in, did already. Three presidents, two of which reported to one president.

It makes you wonder if the real reason they were given new titles was to spare Rice the trouble of having to get himself a business card with a parenthetical under his name that reads, (“The real president.”)