Before Launching Multiple Communities, Know Your Ideal Community Manager

social media

When deploying multiple social networks and online communities across a large company, it’s likely that you will need a few people to manage those profiles and act as community managers.

For a while it was the “it thing” to poke fun at people who work in social media professionally. The joke usually goes something like this: “You’re a social media manager? So, you play on Facebook all day?”

You see that less today because the industry has matured and the position has become more commonplace in corporate structures and businesses.

It also died down because it became clearer to more people that working in social media for a company or corporation isn’t “playing on Facebook all day.” There’s a lot more to it.

Maintaining a corporate Facebook page, or acting as a community manager for one of your company’s online communities, requires you to have a number of personality traits and interests.

Each company is different, and the customer’s expectations vary from business to business. But when you’re launching these online communities and social media profiles across the company, you need to have an idea for the kind of person you’re looking for.

Not everyone can do it. You should go into your search with an idea for the kind of interests and attributes that the ideal social media manager or community manager will have.

Unless the company, product or online community is targeted toward a particular group, the person’s age, gender, religion or any of the other unique identifiers that are commonly used, will be irrelevant.

The qualifiers are different. I won’t write a list of personality traits here, because as I said, each company is different and has different needs.

But before you deploy multiple profiles and communities, draw up a list of traits that the ideal community manager or social media manager would have.

Having the right person in place is critical to the growth and development of the page or community