oneforty Twitter App Store in Beta

onefortyLogo.jpgA Twitter-focused app store to serve as a one-stop-shopping destination for Twitter mobile apps, Web-based clients and desktop applications seems like a great business idea, doesn’t it? Well, it’s too late: oneforty beat you to it.

According to TechCrunch, the site, which is currently in beta mode, offers 1,332 free and paid applications and services built on Twitter’s application-program interface, along with lists of the most popular apps and the best apps for specific purposes, such as business, URL shorteners, image sharing, news and travel.

Users sign in with their Twitter accounts, and each listing contains detailed information including the developer, press mentions and Twitter streams about the app, according to TechCrunch. oneforty makes money by collecting affiliate fees for directing users to the sources of the paid apps, such as the Apple App Store.

TechCrunch added that oneforty founder Laura Filton wrote Twitter for Dummies and taught a Twitter for Business class at Harvard Business School.