One of the Last Great Newsstands Is Still Standing

First & Pike News has been in business since 1979.

When Crosscut’s Laura Kaufman profiled Lee Lauckhart, the owner of Seattle newsstand First & Pike News, he revealed that he was keeping the operation solvent by taking no salary and relying on his Social Security. Four years later, this self-described “last of the Mohicans” is still going.

The latest area journalist to highlight Lauckhart’s Pacific Northwest print bastion is Seattle Times staff photographer Alan Berner. The gallery and accompanying item will warm the heart of anyone old enough to remember a time when scanning and sampling the wares of a neighborhood newsstand was as regular a media-consumption routine as scrolling through Google News on a smartphone. From the piece:

Newspapers at Pike & First are down from 180 to a couple of dozen largely because of transportation costs. But the stand carries the Nome Nugget, a weekly from Alaska at the end point of the Iditerod.

The most expensive magazine is about $85, with runway fashion photos from Europe. “Not too many copies sell,” Lauckhart says.

This past fall, Pike & First celebrated its 36th anniversary of operation on the waterfront at Pike Place Market.

Reading Berner’s piece, we couldn’t help but be reminded of one we wrote a number of years ago as well, about the oldest newsstand in Los Angeles. Since that article, World News at the corner of Hollywood and Cahuenga Blvd.’s has greatly reduced its frontage, but is still hanging on. And we imagine still, today, that Madonna still moves magazines like no one else.

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