On The Menu: Advertising 101 And Innovating Account Planning


If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside an advertising agency, today’s mediabistro.com Morning Media Menu podcast is one for you.

This morning, hosts Jason Boog of GalleyCat and AgencySpy‘s Matt Van Hoven welcomed Alain Sylvain, the managing director of New York-based agency Redscout, who discussed a new video series initiative his company is launching with PSFK that seeks to innovate account planning.

What is account planning, you ask? “Planning is really a function within agencies…that was designed to enhance the development of ads,” Alain explained. “It was meant to enhance it with the voice of the consumer. It was an effort to make the creative development more tapped into what consumers really wanted and really felt…But over the years the role of planning and the role of planners has been a little unclear.”

The new video series seeks to answer questions that agencies and planners have about planning. In the broader sense, Jason and Matt were wondering if planning could help the struggling media world of magazines, newspapers and books. Alain said he believed there was still a way to update the current approach to long-form content, from books to feature length articles. “You will see a lot of former journalists go into planning,” Alain said. “What you won’t see is planners going into publishing…But if I was a young planner frustrated at an agency, I would definitely consider going to work for a publishing house. It’s basically the same discipline.”

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