On The Menu: 4-Steps To Better Writing From Professor And Writing Coach Jill Dearman


Today on the media- bistro.com Morning Media Menu podcast, hosts Jason Boog of GalleyCat and AgencySpy‘s Matt Van Hoven were joined by Jill Dearman, a writing coach and profesor who has recently written a writing handbook, “Bang the Keys: 4 Steps To a Lifelong Writing Process.” Jill had some great advice for writers, primarily the tips represented by the acronym “BANG” in the title of her book.

“The four steps are based on the steps that any writer goes through every time he or she sits down to write any work, whether its a piece of fiction, a play, an essay, a memoir what have you,” she explained.

The first step — the “B” in “Bang the Keys” is for begin, “as in you have to begin somewhere and oftentimes some writers have a problem choosing which idea are they going to go with,” Jill said.

“A” is for arrange, “as in how to you arrange your material.” Next, “N” is for nurture, “which I think is a step that I deal with the most with writers,” Jill said. “Oftentimes a writer’s relationship to his or her project is similar to a real relationship, and sometimes we take our relationships for granted and treat them like old shoes. Sometimes we do that with our writing projects, too. The nurture is really to help writers connect more emotionally, more deeply to their work so that hopefully their readers will, too.”

The final step, “G” is for go, “as in let it go, finally finish it,” she said. “Let it go into the world don’t hold on to it forever until we’re all dead.

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