OMMA Panel: Mobile Not Ready for Behavioral Marketing

According to panelists speaking at the OMMA Behavioral conference on Monday, behavioral marketing via mobile devices is still a few years away, MediaPost reports:

“Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to access the Internet and make online purchases, creating trails of data detailing their Web behaviors. And in theory, mobile devices offer a geographic component for behavioral targeting,” according to Elgin Kim, the head of sales, West, for Nokia Interactive. Kim also said that Nokia achieved 40% conversion rates with ads based on behavioral data, specifically about people who watched movie trailers on their cell phones.

But the report said that mobile advertising is still in its infancy, and simply does not offer the scalability and capabilities needed to make behavioral marketing profitable, as other panelists countered at the conference. “I don’t know if mobile advertising is even there yet at the basic level, so behavioral is probably a subject for a couple years from now,” said Chris Hansen, vice president of performance marketing for 360i, according to the article.

As it stands, only one fifth of U.S. cell phone users receive a marketing text message of some kind in a given month, versus three quarters in Europe, the report said.