Olson Engage VP Courts ‘Entrepreneurial Moms’

VP Catherine Merritt recently launched crowdfunding site Mumzy.

Here’s a sweet, timely story involving Olson Engage, the agency behind the many Marshawn Lynch Skittles stunts which recently offered an internship to the woman behind the (fake) viral Harvard rejection letter.

A story this week in The Chicago Tribune explains why Olson VP Catherine Merritt founded a “crowdfunding site for entrepreneurial moms” called Mumzy–and why the agency chose to let her “own it.”


Mumzy is essentially both a Kickstarter for moms with business ideas and a donation venue for people in need. As Merritt put it:

“…it’s about moms [with] entrepreneurial projects, new innovations. It can also be moms supporting moms.”

Merritt started Mumzy as a join venture with Olson, which has several relevant clients–but the agency decided to let her run it independently last year before it was acquired by ICF International.

A spokesman told us:

While the site was initially developed as a partnership with Olson, the agency ultimately decided it was best to let Catherine own it and, instead, to hang on to certain sponsorship rights that could ultimately be useful to clients.

Olson’s clients will have first rights to opportunities on the site, and Merritt says she “hopes to use her brand connections” to help more of the entrepreneurial moms in her audience bring their products to market.

For now, Merritt will work at both Olson and Mumzy. The agency’s only concern is that her new project might be too successful…