Olson Engage and Terminix Feed Kobayashi Tater Tots

It's the agency's latest stunt for the bug-killing client.

Fans of viral videos probably know Takeru Kobayashi as the world’s most famous competitive eater: he’s swallowed more hot dogs, Twinkies, pizza slices, meatballs, and hamburgers in one sitting than anyone else on earth.

What other creatures eat like crazy? Termites.

For that reason, Olson Engage of Minneapolis thought Kobayashi would be a perfect spokesperson for their client Terminix. In the very recent past, the bug-killer brand has earned media attention for pop culture stunts like one that involved offering Shia LaBeouf a cool $10K to cut off his rat-tail. (He refused, though we GUESS the fully-braided ponytail looks a little better.)

At any rate, the company’s latest stunt involves Kobayashi’s “most complicated eating challenge EVER”: act like a termite by eating more tater tots than anyone else on earth while going about his daily routine.

HuffPo Weird News was less than impressed with this one, calling Kobayashi “a retired great who lost control of his destiny” as reps for Major League Eating (which is a real thing) urge him to get back in the game.

Whatever; we’re just glad he had multiple bottles of ketchup to make the task a little easier. Now somebody get that man some water!