Old School Retro Games Provides Great Variety, Nostalgia on Facebook

old school retro gamesThis is one of those times, as a reviewer, where I wonder if the developer thought his/her Facebook application would be seriously reviewed as something worthy of critical analysis. While many social games have a long way to transcend their mere utility to become something like “art,” there are definitely some games out there that can be considered sublime. This application has some of those games within it, although the application’s name is anything but sublime.

Old School Retro Games, despite its overly casual title, is a solid little Facebook application. Essentially, it packages many old early 90s and late 80s arcade games like Contro, Mario, and Pac Man, into a single Facebook app. It gives some basic directions on how to play and has links to other applications, but that’s essentially it. I don’t even know if I can give the developers credit for converting most of these games to their current medium, as a number of programmers likely contributed to the sum total.

So this is a tough review – I want to applaud the meal that’s been presented for me but I have to question the means by which it has been prepared. That is to say, most of this is stuff taken out of the freezer and the developer is getting credit for creating it. Kung Fu, Bobble Bobble, Donkey Kong- all of the old classics are here. Any serious gamer would love this application and this is probably my favorite Facebook application, easily. That said, there may be some legal issues.

Without taking into account how the material got here, the gameplay is what you’d expect from such varied and classic titles. Some of the games take a while to load and some of the controls are sluggish, but that’s probably pretty true to the source. On the developer side, the presentation of the games menu could be better and they need to better take advantage of the social platform. Why not add a score feature, or a chat feature, or unlockable elements? Overall, while its content is excellent, Old School Retro Games’ presentation is lacking.

Gameplay: 9

Developers Score: 4

How much fun this really is: 11