Olbermann Apologizes To Senator Vitter’s Wife, Viewers For ‘Ho’ Reference

Last night on Countdown, Keith Olbermann offered a refreshing — if a week late — apology for the graphic aired on the show last week which referred to embattled Louisiana Senator David Vitter‘s wife as a “‘Ho.” TVNewser has the transcript:

We owe an apology for something that happened on this newscast on a night I was off last week and we offer it fully and unreservedly. It is to Mrs. Wendy Vitter, wife of the senator from Louisiana who has been caught up in the DC madam scandal. Last Tuesday this program aired a segment about her attire and her demeanor at their joint news conference. Not only was a series of unfortunate and inappropriate terms used, there was no justification for such a segment about what a woman, a victim of her husband’s inappropriate behavior was wearing in public. The story should not have aired, it should not have been couched in the terms used, it should not have happened, and it won`t happen again. So to Mrs. Vitter and to you, the viewer, I once again apologize.


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