OK, It’s Obvious, We Love Printed Matter

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We realize we tell you a lot about what’s going on at Printed Matter. Let us explain. Generally, we’re leonine leaders, not followers. We strike out on our own, cut our own path through the culturescape, make our own judgement calls. But ever since John Waters promised/threatened to Sagmeister-iffically self-mutilate on behalf of the Chelsea institution, we’ve found ourselves completely stuck in the thrall. Or its craw. Also, our counterpart The Tart is curating a show there, which we’ll keep you posted about in due complete notice. Tonight, though, the first Back Room exhibition opens with a show by artist collective Paper Rad (nb: do not click if you are prone to hallucination or barely perceptibly hungover). Here’s what they do:

Synthesizing and reprogramming popular material from television, video games, and advertising, Paper Rad works in an exuberant, neo-primitivist idiom of their own invention.

We love television, loathe video games, and are suckers for advertising. Late enough, we get exuberant, don’t like to discuss our embarrassing non-primitivism, and think idiom is just another word for milieu. So we’re psyched. 535 West 22nd Street. Show opens today, but the party isn’t until October. To reiterate: there will be no free wine tonight.