Oink for iPhone: 100K+ Oinked Items in 3 Weeks Makes it a Lot More Interesting

Oink for iPhone rates indidvidual things in places rather than the the entire place itself. It probably got equal amounts of attention from its somewhat unique take on social ratings as it did from its famous company founder, Kevin Rose of Digg fame. It was interesting but not very useful when I took a look at it earlier this month. However, TechCrunch’s report prompted me to take another look.

Oink Hits 100K Downloads, With 100K Items Added In Under Three Weeks

As TechCrunch’s blog title states, Oink has had more than 100,000 downloads in less than three weeks since its launch. More importantly for the people downloading the app, this activity has apparently been associated with a lot more items being identified. It is this second number that I found more interesting. A second look at Oink revealed a lot more interesting and useful “oinks” of things in nearby places.

The 5, 25 and 100 mile revealed a number of interesting ranking of top oinked items. However, the Global top oinked items still consists of mostly Apple products as well as Apple’s chief designer, Jony Ive, ranked at #13.

You can find Oink for iPhone here in the iTunes App Store.