Oh Diablo Cody – Is There Any Medium You Can’t Conquer?

image3881213.jpgWe are trying not to be Diablo Cody haters. But sometimes she makes it difficult.

See, Twitter was designed for 12-year-olds to text all their BFFs all the time with all the inane details of their daily lives. So when people that we think are interesting or people we think should be interesting do it – they reveal how lame and boring we ALL are without re-writing or editors. It forces our hand and we have to make fun of them. They leave us no choice.

See for yourself.

Here’s some of our favorites:

Dear Sea World commercial: you are maudlin. 09:51 PM April 30, 2008
I have eaten my weight in Goldfish crackers this month. 11:44 AM April 28, 2008
My Oscar looks so shiny today! YAY! RING POP! 12:22 PM April 29, 2008

Go on Cody – put the ‘twit’ in Twitter.