Off the Media: We Really Hope LonelyGirl’s Fake

This week OTM followed in the footsteps of BusinessWeek‘s Jon Fine (yes, our CEO’s spouse), writing about YouTube’s LonelyGirl15, who co-host Bob Garfield followed on his blog, saying if she’s really who she says he’ll “Remove My Right Kidney on a Live Webcam With My Bare Hands.” Which is why we really really really hope she’s some sort of marketing ploy or hoax and not really just a forlorn 16-year-old with religious parents.

Meanwhile, the Times has a perfume critic, isn’t afraid to say what stinks even when the stinker buys zillions worth of ads that we know is the real reason for his existence at the paper.

Can it be true that New York police have trouble “keeping their mouth’s shut”? (Which proves a boon to British reporters unable to report news on their isles.)

Oh, and we’re so over Facebook, because, like, we’re members, y’uh, using, our, y’know, college email addresses? But, um, it’s all about people puking and kissing and stuff, and not really for politics. Okay? We’re now waiting for this Saturday’s report on the brouhaha over Facebook’s new news feeds that irk some who want more privacy. And the obligatory list of stories the media didn’t hype enough. Check out today’s Newsfeed and Update for links to those.