Off The Media: Urinating Editors

Did you think we’d forgotten “On the Media”? Nah, we’ve just been a little distracted.

This week:

  • This joke co-host Brooke Gladstone told didn’t make sense to us until we read it in the transcript:

    A reporter and an editor are going through a desert. They’re really parched. They come upon a pristine pool of water. The reporter jumps right in. The editor, on the other hand, drops his trousers and begins to urinate. And the reporter says, “What are you doing? What are you doing?” And the editor says, “It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m making it better.”

  • There’s plenty fellow host Bob Garfield found funny, too, on the coverage of the Scooter Libby case. (We count four laughs and one “BOB LAUGHS HARDER.”)
  • Lest you thought that reporters getting scooped by sources was an invention of the age of blogging, the reporter who brought us the Thomas Eagleton electric shock therapy story in 1972 tells us how the McGovern campaign basically stole his scoop, breaking an “unwritten rule.”
  • And, since it’s been awhile: Garfield a couple weeks ago called it an “atrocity” when The Washington Post in 1993 called evangelical Christians low-income and under educated. Why “atrocity,” we asked Bob. “Because it isn’t true,” he answered.