Of Course 2 Reporters Fought at The WHCD

Well done, media!

Journalists are an extremely self-serious bunch, so of course a fight broke out after the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night.

According to The Washington Post, the incident started as an argument between Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters and HuffPost Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim. Apparently Grim didn’t appreciate how—back in 2009—Watters had trailed and “ambushed” Grim’s current colleague Amanda Terkel for a story.

Grim (because he’s 12) decided to turn the tables on Watters by pulling out his phone and recording Watters. Watters (because he’s 12) didn’t like this and grabbed Grim’s phone and stuck it in his pocket. Grim then went after Watters to get his phone back and a battle to prove who was the bigger idiot was underway.

“Punches were definitely thrown,” said a witness. Dignity was definitely lost, added us.

[Image: Twitter/Dave Weigel]