Of All Shapes and Kernings


Apologies for letting the consistency of this guest editing stint fall off a bit earlier today. You run into days like these in no matter what field you work in, where there are mistakes that have been made to projects you were working on. But it seems more awful when you work in any form of design or media, wherein it is not just your coworkers who see that you are an idiot, but an entire, sometimes national, audience. This is what happened today.

But let us turn away from the unplesant realities of this business, and focus our attentions on something wonderful: exotic flavors of type found all over the world. Yes, this flickr set, One Letter, is a cornucopia of all sorts of different type, from the hand written, to spray painted, to Dave Gorman’s brilliantly captured storefront lettering. Not so much a site that will serve as a direct resource (unless you’re only dealing in single letter designs or are extremely lazy), but it should provide plenty of inspiration to both your serious type junkie and your casual type admirer in need of quick, ingenious solutions to avoid using Comis Sans again.