Odeo Acquired D.C. Based Blogdigger

Two weeks ago at the D.C. Mashmeet, Greg Gershman told be the great news about his company being acquired by Odeo. Today, the news is finally being announced. Congratulations to Greg and best of luck at Odeo! Blogdigger, the 5 year old search engine has had an interesting history. A few years ago the company diversified by expanding into digital media search and the result has been nothing but positive.

The most exciting part about this acquisition is the expanding presence of Web 2.0 startups in the D.C. area. I have a few meetings scheduled over the coming weeks with unannounced startups in the area that will be launching soon. It’s an exciting time for D.C. and I have high expectations of the area’s ability to produce great new startups. Greg has posted more details about what we can expect from the acquisition:

A little about the new Odeo: it’s focused on much more than just audio podcasts; we’ve added video and are pulling content from a variety of sources, not just podcasts. I’m really excited about what we’re building and the team we’ve got(which includes the folks from FireAnt and the Odeo guys) is really smart and great to work with. If you’d like to check out the new Odeo, head over to the site and signup for the beta (and ping me and I’ll approve your invite).

I’m excited to see what the Odeo team has up its sleeves and they are a welcomed addition to the D.C. web landscape. Congratulations again to Greg!