Odd Future Band Member Attacks Female Photographer

A performance Sunday in New Orleans by the Los Angeles-based alt hip hop group Odd Future took a violent turn when a band member smacked a female photographer in the face.

The incident began at the end of the band’s first song with a rant from frontman Tyler the Creator, who complained that giving photographers a barricaded area next the stage is not fair to fans. Vyron “Left Brain” Turner then attacked the photogs working in the pit, throwing water at them, whacking and kicking at camera equipment, and delivered a slap to freelance photographer Amy Harris’s face.

Harris told Louisiana’s NBC33 News:

I have worked many shows before, and I’ve had to deal with a band flinging water at the photographers, but I never expected this to happen. In the pit, the male to female ratio is about 20 to 1. There were way more men in that pit than women.

The band, who have taken heat for lyrics that glorify violence against women, is making no apologies for hitting Harris. Rather, they’re insisting that it didn’t happen. How… Charlie Sheen of them. From the group’s publicist:

There simply is no truth to the accusation floating around the internet. It’s no secret that Odd Future has a love/hate relationship with photographers at shows simply because sometimes they are given access the group wishes their fans would have instead. After telling the photographers to clear out multiple times (as they’ve done before) Vyron (Leftbrain) took a swipe at a few cameras, NOT people. To manipulate the situation to insinuate an attack on a woman specifically is careless and manipulative.

Whatever occurred, the fact remains that Odd Future has hardly shirked the public eye. To whine about the press doing their job while actively seeking the spotlight is absurd.

Photo by the aforementioned photographer, Amy Harris. More of her work can be found here.