O’Daddy Wants Parents to Spend More Time With Their Kids

The app encourages users to put away their smartphones and spend more quality time with their children.

Israeli startup Parento has officially launched its first app on iOS and Android: O’Daddy. The app was designed to encourage users to put away their smartphones and spend more quality time with their children.

The app suggests activities users can complete with their children by taking into account each child’s age, the family’s location and more. The app may also suggest activities based on the actions of ‘similar’ parents.

Elsewhere, O’Daddy can remind parents to spend more time with their kids through push notifications. For instance, a message may encourage users to head home so they can read a bedtime story to their child.

O'Daddy Screenshots

When users tap the ‘O’Daddy’ button in the app, they enter ‘Quality Time’ mode, which measures how much time users spend away from their smartphone and, in theory, interacting with their kids. When users reach 15 minutes of quality time, they earn O’Daddy Smiles as part of the app’s rewards system. In the future, users will be able to redeem their O’Daddy Smiles for cash discounts at ‘leading retailers.’

Overall, parents can use the app to track how much time they’ve been home, and which activities they’ve completed with their children. In a future update, parents will be able to anonymously and privately compare their stats with other parents using the app.

In a statement, Oded Israeli, O’Daddy co-founder and CEO, commented:

When my youngest daughter was born, we were in the middle of securing Alibaba Group’s first investment in Israel for the previous startup I was working for. It was a long period in which I found it incredibly difficult to separate myself from my phone for even a few seconds.

When my daughter was born and I was holding her for hours at the nursery—not being able to bring my smartphone in there—it was clear to me that nothing is more important than my kids, and that when spending time with them—everything else can, and should, wait.

O’Daddy is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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