Ocala Magazine Editor Was Ctrl-C and Ctrl-Ving Her Way Through Her Job


Funny story. Heather Lee, an editor in a little magazine in Florida is turning out the award-winning copy without a hitch – all is fine for six years. Then someone drops off an envelope with over 20 instances where she clearly plagiarized other sources – big sources like Vanity Fair and O Magazine. Now she is an outed plagiarist. Ocala reports her saying:

“So when I say that I never intentionally reproduced someone else’s work as my own, I’m being truthful.

“Clearly, in the course of six years and millions and millions of words, there’s the possibility that phrases and paragraphs can slip through the cracks.”

Uh, yeah. Defense of plagiarism: millions of monkeys on typewriters…Way to up-sell the profession.

The weird part is that everything seems to be still is fine. As of this posting she still has a job. Funny huh? Thousands of real scribes Twittering their life away and Lee gets to implement new policies at the magazine like feeding copy through a data-bases to check for ‘problems’.

We like what Steve Huff has to say on the issue. He also went to the trouble of finding a couple of other instances where Lee just pasted her way to her deadline. Apparently, they were not too hard to find.