Obamas to Revolutionize Fashion World?


It’s no secret that presidential hopeful Barack Obama likes Chicago-based Hartmarx Corporation’s suits. He even had tailors come to his Windy City home a few weeks ago so that he could have a custom jacket and pants he could wear to accept the Democratic nomination. The company’s high-end suits are actually made in Rochester,N.Y., but Obama choose the Hart Schaffner Marx label which is made in Des Plaines, Ill., according to the Chicago Tribune. Obama’s suit was made in four days. Now that the deed’s done, the buzz industry is about the influence that Obamas could have in the fashion industry, which could badly use some attention during these tough economic times. Of course we’ve discussed Michelle Obama’s influence. She too chose a Chicago-made ensemble for the Democratic convention. Local designer Maria Pinto, who counts Oprah Winfrey among her clients, made Michelle’s turquoise dress. David Wolfe, creative director of the Doneger Group in New York, says the Obamas could impact the fashion scene much like the Kennedys (John and Jackie) did in the 1960s. “Our current overdone, trash, casual dress down thing has reached saturation, and the fashion pendulum is ready to swing to something classier and also cool,” he says. “The Obamas represent good taste, and we haven’t had good taste in fashion in a long time.” In other words, don’t expect to see Michelle Obama in low-rider jeans.