Obama Vs. Clinton: The Art Issue


If you’re at all like us, you’ve become reluctantly addicted to political websites of late, filled with all kinds of heated, angry nonsense. You try and turn away, but on days like this when its just impossible to fight it, we luckily found a nice break from it all, while still providing that needed fix. In “Talk for Talk’s Sake,” Allen Strouse over at ArtInfo gives a very thorough overview of both Clinton and Obama‘s beliefs on the importance of the arts and their potential involvement with them once either one would get into office (assuming they were to beat McCain). But unlike most political analysis, this actually has some intellectual thought behind it, not painting either candidate in glowing positives or overly harsh negatives, instead offering the pros and cons of both. In the end, Obama does get more of a nod, likely because a) she’s had more than the arts on her plate lately and b) his eloquence in stressing a somewhat similar position is apt to do more good than an uninspired delivery (their words, not ours — though this writer does agree).