Obama Taking a Beating in the Polls, or, Newspapers Can’t Add

covggger.jpgThe media hates Barack Obama! Ha! Yeah, we don’t think so either, but Obama has certainly been taking some lumps this week. First there was the controversial New Yorker cover. And then the campaign took issue with Adam Nagourney’s front page Times article , which basically said a lot more black people like Obama than white. And now comes word via MediaMatters that a poll done by ABC News and the Washington Post withheld in its first release results favorable to Obama.

In disclosing the results of their poll, conducted July 10-13, ABC News and the Washington Post issued staggered releases, withholding from their first release on July 14 poll results favorable to Sen. Barack Obama, including the finding that 50 percent of registered voters would vote for Obama “[i]f the 2008 presidential election were being held today” versus 42 percent who favored Sen. John McCain…Later that day, ABC News and the Post issued a second release with additional poll results that stated: “Obama continues to hold most of the advantages in the presidential race.”
If it wasn’t for Rolling Stone and Newsweek one might begin to suspect the media had it in for Obama (this week).