Obama Smear Emailer Tries to do Maureen Dowd’s Job For Her

dowd-tsgg190.jpgSo by this point it’s no secret how we feel about Maureen Dowd and her gender-twisting habits, but even though we are quick to point out her shortcomings we were also quick to realize that the Obama smear email making the rounds right now that purports to be a June 29 Dowd column (complete with her byline, and the Times’ font — as if these things are hard to fake) accusing Obama of accepting online funds from “Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Middle Eastern countries” was not actually by Dowd. And that’s not just because we recall reading her June 29 column! Nope, what immediately clued us in is that fact that the real MoDo rarely talks money (a point she makes herself), rarely breaks news (she’s an opinion columnist, not a reporter!) and rarely misses an opportunity to describe Obama as being effeminate, or Hillary as a ball-buster, or for that matter, tie it all in in some way to Bill’s ego or W’s daddy complex.

To her credit, Dowd herself didn’t seem too fazed by the whole thing: “The line about it being the ‘most shocking revelation,’ I don’t think I’ve ever said those words, except in a satire. Also, it is about money, which I never write about…Sometimes you try and protest things you hear about, but sometimes it’s just not worth it… It is hard to track down and control these things, and anyone who reads my column knows that this wasn’t me. I got to the second line and I knew it wasn’t me.” [Yep, emphasis added.]