Obama vs Romney – Who Wins On Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that almost fifty per cent of President Barack Obama’s Twitter followers live outside the USA?

When you consider that the President has almost 16 million members of his Twitter entourage, that’s a pretty amazing statistic. Especially when held up alongside the wildly contrasting Twitter presence of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney – some 90 percent of his half-a-million strong Twitter roster is made up of folks who live in the U.S.

Of course, and ex-pats aside, those folks outside the States won’t be able to vote for their president of choice come November, so that disconnect may prove to be a factor. Still, more than eight million of the President’s Twitter audience do live in the U.S., which means he still has Romney outnumber by almost sixteen to one. That’s a lot of potential votes.

These and other like-for-like Obama/Romney Twitter stats are detailed in this infographic from PeekAnalytics.com.

(Source: PeekAnalytics.com.)