Obama Pool Reporter Job Description Taken a Bit Too Literally

Obama-Surf.jpgVia Politico comes word that last night’s Obama Pool reporter, WaPo’s Anne Kornblut, quite literally spent the night in the pool, or the pool house at least. Apparently the journalist, forbidden to talk to guests, was detained for much of the party in Ethel Kennedy’s pool house at a $28,500/person fund raiser for Barack Obama. From the Pool Report:

Your pooler, not to be mistaken for one who had given $28,500 to the cause, was swept by Secret Service and quickly whisked off to the isolation of a remote poolhouse…Guests — viewed at a distance by your pooler, still imprisoned in the poolhouse — gathered at the edge of the main house patio, apparently watching Obama as he did or said something interesting…[Max Kennedy] eventually came into the poolhouse and asked to borrow a pen. informed that the pool reporter was not supposed to speak to the guests, he reacted with great amusement, and seemed to revel momentarily in breaking that rule.
Well, it’s certainly one way for the Obama campaign to tighten up access to the candidate.