Obama Gets Tweet Heat Before State of the Union

Orgs zero in on #SOTU chatter

President Obama's State of the Union address has politically minded marketers trying their hand at real-time ad buying on Twitter today. The mostly nonprofit brands are calling on the president to reflect their stance on specific issues while hoping to steer social media conversations in the hours leading up to his 8 p.m. ET speech.

Chevron, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Bankrupting America, Heritage Foundation, the National Association of Manufacturers and Society for Human Resource Management are among the names purchasing Promoted Tweets for the #SOTU hashtag. The hashtag has been a trending topic since late morning.

Interestingly, Bankrupting America—part of the fiscal watchdog organization Public Notice—is handing out "Show Us Your Cuts" flyers in Washington, D.C., today. The flyers have a Mardi Gras theme and promise to award multiple Twitter users who tweet #showusyourcuts with a dozen donuts delivered to their homes on Wednesday morning. Of all the aforementioned advertisers, Bankrupting America is the only one employing Twitter's new video-sharing app, Vine, in the brand's ad. (See slideshow below.)

At any rate, whether it's presidential politics or Super Bowl marketing, real-time buys on Twitter are an emerging practice—a prime example being what Oreo pulled off during the Superdome blackout on Feb. 3. What's more, Starbucks utilized the Nemo snowstorm during last weekend to run ads on Twitter and Facebook.

Here's a slideshow with today's real-time Twitter ad examples.

Meanwhile, in other State of the Union news, the hacker-activist group Anonymous is threatening to shut down access to the president's address on the Web tonight.