Obama Comm. Director: “I Think We’ve Attempted, To the Best of Our Ability, to Have a Good Relationship With the Press”


We’ll be getting into much more of the ins and outs of the Obama message and historic campaign win here on PRNewser throughout the day and coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Dan Pfeiffer, communications director for Barack Obama, alongside Robert Gibbs, tells Ana Marie Cox that the Obama message strategy has been very focused from start to finish. “I think that everything we’ve done in this campaign, including our press strategy, has gone through one filter, and that’s persuading voters to support Barack Obama,” he said.

To be sure, this is no easy task. “Sometimes our goals and the press’ goals run into each other and – but, I think we’ve attempted to, to the best of our ability, to have a good relationship with the press, even if it has been a disciplined one. We’ve been a campaign who takes tremendous pride in not leaking,” said Pfeiffer on the topic of media relations.