NYT‘s Insight Lab Asks For Your Feedback

insight lab.jpgRomanesko’s Bill Mitchell clued us in to The New York Times‘ Insight Lab, which allows members to give feedback directly to Times staffers.

According to the FAQ about the Lab, voluntary members of the venture are able to provide feedback to the paper, share thoughts and opinions about the Times with “like-minded readers,” get a preview of upcoming Times projects and “help shape the future” of the paper. Anyone over 18 who regularly reads the Times in print or online is welcome to join the Lab, and members can expect to get a couple of survey invites per month. Members can also log in to the Lab’s Web site to check out what other members are talking about.

The biggest topic of conversation so far on the Lab’s forums is about paying for the Times‘ content online. While these readers’ comments are not apt to solve the paper’s pay wall conundrum, they are pretty fascinating to read, mostly because one must be an avid reader of the Times to join the Lab.

An Insight Lab newsletter, sent yesterday, said 3,000 people have already joined the Lab. We want to know: are you a member?

We just joined (and you can, too!) so we’ll see you there.