NYT’s Carr and Fox PR: The Story, and The Reaction

Our inbox has been hammered with news and links about the New York Times’ David Carr and his story on the Fox News PR department.

In case you somehow haven’t seen it by now, here is the link.

The feature story took an in depth look into Fox News PR, claiming, among other points, “At Fox News, media relations is a kind of rolling opposition research operation intended to keep reporters in line by feeding and sometimes maiming them. Shooting the occasional messenger is baked right into the process.”

Here at PRNewser, our take is similar to our brother bloggers at TVNewser. While we don’t have almost daily contact with Fox News PR, we have worked with them on a number of occassions, and maintain that working relationship. That being said, as of the time of this post, contacts there had not returned our requests for comment.

UPDATE: When asked for additional comment, Fox News referred us to Brian Lewis’ quotes in the Carr piece.

TVNewser has the video of Bill O’Reilly going off on the story, stating it is, “perhaps the most hypocritical situation we have ever seen…” They also have a round-up of media writer’s responses to the story.

Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan posted reactions today, unfortunately none of which went on the record, except for Fox Television PR staffer Erica Keane, who wrote, “The Irena Briganti that I know is funny, hard-working and always willing to help out a colleague-no matter how busy she is.”

For one thing, the story is clearly resonating in the blogosphere, as it is currently the number one most blogged story on NYTimes.com.

Stay tuned for more coverage and reaction as this story plays out.