NYT: Yahoo Still Searching for Identity

Yahoo_Jerry_Yang_NYT.jpgThe New York Times has a good look at Yahoo, post-shareholder-meeting, with a focus on CEO Jerry Yang, who has emerged from the whole thing as an “unlikely survivor.”

As the report said, many shareholders are furious with him. “With the stock trading at about $20, far below the $33 a share Microsoft offered in May, the failed merger negotiations have cost Yahoo investors nearly $20 billion. ‘I think they had an opportunity to get something done in the palm of their hand, and they bungled it,’ said Eric Jackson following the company’s annual shareholder meeting on Friday.”

But Yang, one of the co-founders of the company, deserves credit for bringing Yahoo out of the 1990s to where it is today. (Well, to where it was maybe a year ago.) The problem is how to move forward—and whether or not Yang is still the right man for the job, the report said. The entire article is worth reading; check it out here.

(Image credit: The New York Times/Terrence McCarthy)