NYT Newsstand Copies Already Sold Out?

100_3700.jpgWe’re hearing that there is not a newsstand copy of New York Times to be found in NYC at the moment. Are people finding this to be true? Is it because people are snapping up multiple copies? UPDATE: Apparently the Times building itself, on 41st Street between 7th & 8th is still selling copies. A tipster tells us: “They have a little storefront on the south side of the street where they are selling copies of today’s issue as well as the Sunday magazine (the one with the Obama’s People article).”

Here in D.C. we’re told that while the Washington Post is relatively easy to come by, the Times is also a hard find. One person tells us a Starbucks in the city is keeping them behind the counter.

It’s also interesting to note how many of the papers, including the Times, chose to use the shot of the Obamas joyfully making their way down Pennsylvania Ave. during the parade rather than one of the actual swearing in. Perhaps a reflection of how historic it is to also have a Black First Lady? Or maybe just an image to counter the somberness of the inauguration speech. Thoughts?