NYT Gets In A Couple Digs At Murdoch’s The Daily

David Carr covered this morning the progress that News Corp’s The Daily iPad app is making as it preps for launch.

Will it make any money? Will it succeed? Will it be at all innovative?

Actually, what Carr wants to know is how would anybody “put out an original national newspaper every day with a staff of only 100?”

Surprised anyone’s even asking that question in 2010, almost 2011, but there you have it.

Carr also gets in a dig at the New York Post, which has “surely one of the ugliest, least functional [websites] in the business.” It was in the context of complimenting the “snappy” Post iPad app, but really? NYP.com is that bad? We’re pretty sure that oh, every mid-size newspaper outside of New York has more claim to that title. Apparently The American Reporter doesn’t even count.