NYT Corrections: Meta-mistakes and seeing double

Every so often I check out the NYT Corrections page, just for kicks. Today I was rewarded not one but two fold, like so (if indeed one can say “onefold”):

  1. Our picky pal at Regret The Error will appreciate this: while correcting an article stating that “the number of the 13 circuit courts of appeal that havemajorities of judges appointed by Republican presidents” is 10, not 9, the NYT failed to correct “havemajorities.”
  2. This one’s for fun, but also for precision: “An article in Business Day on Monday about efforts by Carl C. Icahn to propose a slate of Time Warner directors misspelled the surnames of two executives whom he had approached about serving on the board. They are J. Richard Munro, not Monroe, and Nicholas J. Nicholas Jr., not Nicolas.” Which is awesome, because we totally missed this reference to a guy named Nicholas Nicholas, and now we have a friend for Pete Peterson. If I were to be super nit-picky, I’d note that the NYT neglected to mention which “Nicholas” had been misspelled: given name or surname? That mystery is dispelled in the article, wherein he is denoted as “Nick Nicolas,” hence the correction.

Takeaway: there’s no getting around it, “Nicholas Nicholas” is a funny name. I bet he likes cous-cous. And mahi-mahi. And lives in New York, New York. Okay, I’m out.