NYT Bows To White House, Changes Subheadline

White House Spokeswoman Dana Perino‘s rare public demand for a retraction of a New York Times subheadline was successful.Michael Calderone of Politico.com reports this afternoon that Times has already changed the subheadline ”White House Role Was Wider Than It Said” on the online version of their front-page story on the Central Intelligence Agency’s destruction of secret interrogation videos. From Politico.com:

”Dean Baquet, the Times’ Washington D.C. bureau chief, told Politico that while the deck — the subheadline — went a ‘little farther than the story,’ the facts in the piece are accurate.

”’Nobody has challenged the thrust of the story,’ Baquet said.

”’If they want to quibble with the deck, they have a legitimate point. But nobody is raising any questions with what the story is about, and what the story said.”’

A correction will run in tomorrow’s paper.