NYO To Go Tabloid? | Judith Regan To Lose News Corp. Carte Blanche? | Frank Goes Clinton On Wallace | Lou Dobbs’ Ratings Crusade


  • Barney Frank: Goes Bill Clinton on Chris Wallace. [NY Sun]
  • New York Observer: To go tabloid? [New York]
  • Judith Regan: May lose her News Corp. carte blanche, thanks to the O.J. book debacle. [Newsweek]
  • Government: Urges Supreme Court to stay out of Times subpoena case. [NYT]
  • Reality Show About Bonnie Fuller, Star: Put on hold. [NYP]
  • CNN’s Lou Dobbs: Narrowing the ratings gap on Fox News’ Brit Hume. [New Yorker]
  • Killing O.J. Book: Cost News Corp. $10 million, but perhaps more in sustained brand damage. [AdAge]
  • Gawker: Fittingly, would like you to vote “douchebag” as Webster’s word of the year. [Gawker]