NY Post Blocks Press Club

nypost_gephardt.jpgWashingtonian’s Harry Jaffe reports on the NY Post’s new order to the National Press Club: “Drop Dead.”

An attempt to update the display of front page bloopers in the Reliable Source bar led them to one of the “best” front pages since “Dewey Defeats Truman”: The New York Post’s July 6 front page, which blared: “KERRY’S CHOICE: Dem Picks Gephardt as V.P. Candidate.” (You might remember that hours after the Post hit the street Kerry tapped John Edwards.)

Retired Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Richard Zimmerman, who serves on the club’s Wall Hanging Subcommittee (yes, Virginia, they have a Wall Hanging Subcommittee), tried contacting the NY Post’s Washington bureau and then fired off a letter to the Post HQ in New York in an attempt to track down the page.

The Post quickly fired back: “Permission NOT GIVEN to use the front page of July 6 and July 7 2004 in your display at the National Press Club.”

After reviewing their legal options and finding no problems, the Press Club is going ahead with posting a copy of the page. As Zimmerman says, “I don’t think you can copyright a mistake.”