NY Fashion Week Goes Off the Runway

If you were in Grand Central last night around 7:30, you were treated to the flash mob that wasn’t; a presentation by a choreographed group all wearing fashions from the Moncler Grenoble line, dancing in the middle of the terminal. (According to The New York Times, there was to be no mention of this being a flash mob.)

More and more, the fashion world is embracing new ways of reaching their audience. Oftentimes, those methods include a digital component, such as the video above that appears on Stylist.com featuring the blogger Hannelli Mustaparta and the Tory Burch line of clothing.

The Wall Street Journal also reported on the special invites that some influential “Tumblrs” received.

“When you add up their reach, it’s huge,” designer Rebecca Minkoff told the paper.  The Tumblr created for Fashion Week, Tumblr.com/nyfw is collecting a variety of multimedia news clips.

And if you don’t have a ticket to the shows (Ahem! We’re a blog that like pretty clothes!), you can watch a livestream, available on YouTube, brought to you by Maybelline. And of course, Twitter is buzzing with tweets. Monique Lhuillier is topping the trending list this afternoon.